Two Trees PPC LLC Announces CEO. English Expat Accepts Nomination

Sacramento, CA, May 22nd, 2019 – Two Trees PPC LLC has announced today that its board of directors has officially appointed Michael Wisby as Chief Executive Officer.

“We’re fortunate to have someone of Mike’s caliber and experience to step up to lead Two Trees PPC,” said Mirah Lucas, the company’s Chief Communications Officer. “We’re at a critical moment and need renewed leadership to successfully implement our strategy to take advantage of the market opportunities ahead. Mike is a strategic visionary with a proven track record of execution. He’s customer focused with extensive leadership capabilities.”

Wisby said, “I’m excited to lead Two Trees PPC. I’ve enjoyed helping found the company back in 2017. Returning now full time as CEO will be a rewarding challenge. I can’t wait to meet local business owners and learn about their goals and company culture.”

About Two Trees PPC
Two Trees PPC has worked with a diverse range of businesses throughout California. The company is a Certified Google Partner and specializes in digital advertising for local businesses.

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2019 Ant Prevention and IPM Exterior Control

Astoria, NY, May 20th, 2019 – As spring is upon us, we would like to remind you of several ant prevention measures that should be taken by your staff at this time to reduce the odds for ant incursion. By acting now, you can prevent the establishment of internal ant colonies and reduce the number of future complaints and subsequent service charges.

A. Reduce exterior ground clutter such as dead leaves and debris. Keep area free of food sources for both insects and rodents. Remove fallen fruit, berries, candy wrappers, dog feces and any other pest food sources.

B. Close and seal exterior gaps around low windows, pipes and any other access points below six feet with a quality weather proof sealant. You might consider stainless steel or copper mesh in securing some of the larger gaps to provide for rodent exclusion as well.

C.Trim trees back so they do not form a bridge either now or when foliage appears, which will allow foraging ants and other insects to gain access.

D.In trash storage and recycle areas all material should be stored off the ground to allow for proper inspection and control measures. In addition, areas must be properly cleaned on a regular basis, especially in warmer weather to reduce ants, flies, American roaches and rodents.

E. In buildings with setbacks, decks, pool or roof landscaping, inspect all incoming foliage, bark chips and ground cover for possible hitchhiking pests as has happened previously (plant beetles, wood roaches and moths). In ground ant stations may also be placed and maintained in these areas.

F. Eliminate moisture issues, water accumulation and leaks which support pests including ants, American roaches, beetles, gnats, mosquitoes and rodents.

G. Perform an exterior perimeter treatment with a quality residual material
to provide a barrier to foraging ants. At least two more treatments may
be anticipated throughout the season. Your landscape person can provide this service or Standard can arrange to treat it with authorization.

By following these basic IPM practices you will be able to assist in reducing the odds of pest incursion. Unfortunately, once inside the building environment control becomes more complicated, expensive and is at best reactive in nature. Should you have any questions or to arrange for exterior perimeter service please contact our office staff.

About Us
Standard Pest Management has been providing commercial & residential pest management solutions throughout New York City since 1929.

Customer Service is Bedrock to Burnetti, P.A.’s 25 Years of Growth

Florida, April 10th, 2019 — Burnetti, P.A. is no stranger to those living in Central Florida. Whether it is a billboard on the side of the road or a commercial during a television show, most people have heard of the local law firm.

2019 is a big year for Burnetti, P.A. Doug Burnetti, the founder and President, reflects on the past two and a half decades: “This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary. The firm started, with my wife’s help, in a single office with one secretary and myself. It’s incredible to see the impact we’ve made these past twenty-five years and we would not be here if it weren’t for our clients.”

The growth from a single office to multiple staffed offices and from one attorney to many, is in large part due to the firm’s dedication and commitment to excellent customer service. The firm contributes its record growth to this strong standard of care.

“We’ve had significant growth from returning clients as well as from client referrals,” Mr. Burnetti explains. “As a way to say thank you, we wanted to do something special for our past and current clients as we celebrate this milestone year.”

Burnetti, P.A. is starting their 25th year with a client appreciation day. All past and current clients have the opportunity to join the Burnetti, P.A. staff at a private screening of an upcoming blockbuster movie in May. In addition to the multiple theatre rentals, the firm is also including complimentary concessions and drinks to all clients who reserve their free tickets.

“We really want our clients to feel special,” Mr. Burnetti concludes. “25 years is a long time and all of us at the firm simply love what we do. We get to help people every single day.”

About Burnetti, P.A.

Burnetti, P.A. is dedicated to the representation of injured citizens across the state of Florida. Established in 1994 by Doug Burnetti, the firm’s practice is concentrated in aggressively representing cases involving personal injuries or wrongful deaths.

For more information, visit:

Media Contact
Company Name: Burnetti, P.A.
Contact Person: Nate Hendricks
Phone: 863-688-8288
City: Lakeland
State: FL
Country: United States

Dreaming of a better & sustainable World Life Experience

World Life Experience is dreaming of a sociable, accountable and sustainable world. It focuses on tearing down misunderstandings and prejudices while building bridges to enhance cultural interconnectedness. Its innovation is that it highlights the importance of mutual apprehension by promoting the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals.

At an immersive program, WLE combines social contribution and cultural assimilation. Through participial activities at an experientially universal yearly trip, WLE equips one dozen lucky youngsters with the essential ideas and skills needed in accomplishing relevant projects anywhere in the planet. They practically become global change makers.

They visit 20 different countries in 4 continents, spending 15 days in each of the 20 cities. There, everyone volunteers 7 to 8 days within an NGO, spends 4 to 5 days exploring local society and civilization cultural and enjoys entertainment activities for 3 free days. All expenses are covered and a monthly salary is included.

The non-governmental organizations were chosen in order to bring forth major problems of the area, to provide a hands-on model approach and to incorporate the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals. Participants become their ambassadors so they can contribute to this evolution.

This inspired plan was first implemented in January 2018. The 1st mission supported children’s education, elderly care, refugees, animal protection, environmental conservation, and ecological preservation.

The 2nd mission is about to start after completing partnerships with sponsors and it will be represented by individuals from India, Venezuela, Peru, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Croatia, Tunisia, Mexico & Japan, Portuguese, Brazil, and Greece.

Applications for the 3rd mission have just opened and are free to apply. The organizers invite all who are interested in traveling to 20 destinations throughout the world, learning different societies and cultures, and developing new skills, with a monthly salary and all expenses paid (travel, transport, food, insurance, accommodation).

For more information, please see our below sources:

Media Contact
Company Name: Top Experience Lda
Contact Person: Nikolas Avellaneda
Country: Portugal

New Chaco Culture Artist in Residence Dawnja Burris Arrives in April

Dawnja Burris

NYC-based Media Scholar and Visual Artist long drawn to the ancient presences of the Chacoan Culture and landscape.

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, March 29th, 2019 — This April, the National Parks Arts Foundation in cooperation with the National Park Service at Chaco Culture National Historical Park will host New York-based media scholar and digital artist Dawnja Burris for the first of the foundation’s 2019 residencies. The artist will spend a month working at various locations around the wide-ranging park complex, and will stay and work in housing and studio provided by the Park Service. A dean at the New School, Professor Burris is a New York City based artist, who is interested in the translation of images through diverse mediation and form. The Residency will run from April 1st to April 30th, 2019, and she will be making a public presentation at the Visitor’s Center Auditorium on April 27th at 3 PM.

Burris is no stranger to the determining sky of the desert southwest. “As a girl I wanted to live on the frontier; I asked my mother to name a planned baby brother “Grey Feather”. Born in Colorado, and raised in West Texas, and Southern New Mexico, Burris is a wanderer and a psychogeographer who aims to tease out, through montages and overlays, the contradictions in modern life by confronting us with recovered ambients of representation, and how they rhyme with more current, everyday images which we might take for granted. “As a media studies scholar, I am fascinated with the oral traditions and early image making and storytelling techniques /technologies, especially with the ways in which early conceptions of human life practices continue, merge and converge in contemporary life.”

We are often conditioned to see Art, Technology, and Nature as antithetical — but through the ancient architecture, petroglyphys and archaeoastronomy at unique places like Chaco Culture National Historical Park, we can see that this is a modern simplification. According to Burris, these interlacings are all around us, and the site of creative opportunity: “My headspace is different in the “urban digital landscape” as the physical and mental expanse of the desert is obviously not present.  The structures and rhythms of life in Manhattan and Brooklyn where I spend the majority of my time are in many ways more constricted but also provide a wealth of opportunity to create work that has resonance with the subjects that occupy my thinking.”

The particular power that the animal has always had in all human culture, which can be seen in totems in ethnography to YouTube and Instagram cat videos, makes up a broad thematic core of Burris’s process. “The traces of animal spirit do indeed have a centrality in my artistic practice. The ubiquitous images of animals that pervade our human world proceed from ancient practices of figuring the animals that we humans have and continue to co-evolve with. At Chaco, I am very interested in the representations made in petroglyph and pictograph forms as well as the continuous animal life that remains an integral part of the ecosystem.  With animal reference being so persistent to human sense-making and storytelling, I am drawn to the form of the shadow and the associations shadow forms conjure when they resemble animal body shapes and movements.”

chaco hawk Dawnja Burris

This re-tracing, and underlining of the forms in the light and shadow of a site specific installation, even ephemeral, is another way to activate and make tangible the spaces at Chaco. In this way, artwork can be seen as another alternative instance of the interpretation that is the Park Service’s work. Adds Burris, “The full land and sky-scape is essential context and material for my work. I see the expanse of the site and material details of the ground, the stone, the roads and the structural remains as present or living artifacts in that they represent a past and a living present at the same time. This simultaneity is a natural condition to me and can communicate a worldview that encourages a stronger sense of paying attention to where we are on Earth and how we are integrating with it and our fellow animal cohabitants.” This park and this artist seem like an ideal match for collaboration.

The April Resident has scheduled a talk and presentation on her work and process at the Visitor Center Auditorium on Friday, April 27th at 3 PM.

Burris Hawk Dawnja Burris

Chaco Culture National Historical Park was established as a national monument by presidential proclamation in 1907. This beautiful and isolated complex preserves the historical traces of the sacred Ancestral Pueblo culture. The park is also a Dark Skies certified location, one of the ideal places for astronomy and astrophotography. The Monument expanded to its present boundaries and park designation in 1980. The park is located in the open plains of Northwestern New Mexico, sharing borders with the Navajo Nation and BLM land.

NPAF is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the promotion of the National Parks of the U.S. through creating dynamic opportunities for artworks that are based in our natural and historic heritage. Artists may apply with their proposals for this residency and find additional information at The AiR program is made possible through the philanthropic support of donors of all sorts ranging from corporate sponsors, small business, and art patrons and citizen-lovers of the Parks. NPAF is always seeking new partners for its wide-ranging artist-in-residence programs.

The Szego Mill® – A new high-efficiency grinder offering significant ROI


Toronto, March 26th, 2019 — Szego Materials Engineering Inc. has begun production of The Szego Mill, a high-efficiency industrial grinder using technology and methods unique in the world of comminution. It offers significant cost savings, with 30x greater volume capacity of a similar-sized ball mill, using up to 10x less power. The Szego Mill is a modular unit and allows tool-free maintenance, cleaning and swapping of parts to change between jobs in minutes. Customizable grinding rollers with an average 10-year life give fine control over particle output size and distribution. There is no grinding media to replace.

Invented in 1971 by Laszlo Szego, this novel machine has been heavily developed and refined over the last 4 decades by Dr. Prof. Olev Trass of the University of Toronto Applied Chemical Engineering Dept. Although never previously commercialized, the Szego Mill has been the subject of more than 20 commercial pilot projects throughout the world. These have resulted in over 30 patents and 100+ published research papers which conclude that the Szego Mill offers extremely high cost savings and return-on-investment when used with materials ranging from coal and oil fuels, to pulp and paper; anaerobic digestion of wastes; protein, oil and mineral extraction; food processing and more.

The Szego Mill will make its commercial debut at the Powder & Bulk Solids show in Toronto, June 4th – 6th. For more information please see

About the Company: Szego Materials Engineering Inc. is a family business building on four generations of ingenuity and innovation with grinding machine patents going back to 1899. All our products are invented, developed and made in Canada.



Revolutionizing the Car Wash Industry, the Car Wash App “MobileWash” Grows 300% Yearly


Los Angeles, CA, March 21st, 2019MobileWash, the mobile car wash app, has grown 300% each year. A true on-demand car wash app, MobileWash brings the car wash to you at home or work. This year, MobileWash has grown even further, as a spokesman confirmed “The company is expanding into 5 states by the end of Summer; from California into Nevada, Florida, Arizona and Texas.”

Unlike other mobile car wash apps, MobileWash has extremely high standards, dedicated customer service representatives, and branded vehicles. For example, MobileWash performs background checks as part of the vetting process and only partners with professional, insured, auto detailers. In addition to the Express, Deluxe and Premium options, MobileWash offers a la carte add-ons, such as clay bar treatment, paste wax and water spot removal, to name a few.

Both customers and service providers are seeing the benefits of choosing MobileWash. Thousands of weekly users trust MobileWash’s Quality Assurance Team, always working towards increased customer satisfaction.


As the company has grown, a major obstacle was converting the mindset of professional service providers to the MobileWash standard. But, through hard work and dedication, the company’s core values have been adopted by all their washers.

“We’re always improving the app to ensure customer and detailer fulfillment. Our dedicated users are wonderful. For instance, Suzy in Glendale has used MobileWash 58 times, with her Land Rover, in the last 17 months. Kris from Huntington Beach has entrusted us with his Cadillac 64 times, in the last 17 months. Matt from Long Beach has trusted us with his BMW 54 times in the past 19 months. Along with these avid users, there are many others who count on MobileWash weekly. With how expansive the company has become, we get many requests a day from cities that don’t have MobileWash yet, so ideally we’re just going to keep expanding.” Al Davi, CEO of MobileWash.

MobileWash uses dynamic pricing. The price of their car wash and auto detailing service is calculated based on the make and model of the vehicle, the time of day, and other factors.

MobileWash stands by its motto, “Car Wash in Minutes.” To experience MobileWash, download the app, on GooglePlay or App Store.



Source: MobileWash Inc.

Sun Protection Starts Young! City Threads Has Kids Covered.

UPF 50+ Swimwear for Boys & Girls


Los Angeles, CA, March 18th, 2019 – Every parent’s concern is keeping kids safe from the sun in the summertime. Long hot days at camp, the beach, the pool, and vacation put kids at risk for continuous sunburns and skin damage. Sunscreen has its challenges as well, it needs to be re-applied every couple hours and requires vigilance. Infants up to 6 months aren’t even supposed to wear sunscreen. The best solution to stay sunburn-free is to find great UPF 50+ sun-protective swimwear, which covers kids from head to foot all day long, never losing its protection. Fortunately, City Threads American-Made Clothing has UPF 50+ sun-protective swimwear for boys and girls from newborn to size 16. They carry swim hats with wide brims to cover faces, ears & necks. They make long sleeved and hooded swim shirts to cover bodies & arms. They even have full-length swim leggings to cover the entire leg. Parents can be worry-free as their children make sandcastles, take extended ocean swims, and outdoor days at camp.

In addition to sun protection, customers love the wide variety of styles and fun, bright colors. Some favorites are solid-colored rashguards for boys and girls, classic 1-pc girls swimsuits, boys board-short style swim trunks, girls swim briefs, and boy-short style swim bottoms. They even offer a UPF 50+ swim diaper cover for little ones.

Their soft and durable swim material is silky and has stretch for comfort. Made in Los Angeles, their well-trained staff are sticklers for shipping only top-quality garments. There are no added sprays to the fabric, the sun-protection is inherent in the weave of the fabric.

• UPF 50+: Quality Sun Protective Garments
• LOCALLY MADE: Made in the USA, in Los Angeles
• COMFORTABLE: silky and smooth fabric that kids love
• DURABLE: no cheap materials in here!
• SAFE: made with safe dyes and no harsh chemicals, no added sprays

Since City Threads launched their UPF 50+ swim line 6 years ago, they have sold hundreds of thousands of swim pieces to customers all over the country. Each year, they have continued to review and make improvements to their styles to ensure durability. Thousands of positive reviews across the numerous and varied styles they offer give assurance to customers that City Threads shows care and integrity in the products they sell.

Visit their retail website,, to find great assortment of kids clothing, and to sign up for their email list, they have new products and special offers all the time. Their easy-to-use online shop has Free Shipping on orders over $40.

Since 2002, City Threads has been on a mission to make comfortable, lasting, everyday clothing that kids love. They have a wide variety of boys’ and girls’ styles in amazingly soft, and mostly cotton fabrics, from shorts, shirts, dresses, pants, hats, swimwear, and a selection of organic cotton styles. Thousands of positive reviews will testify that customers are having a great experience. Here’s some quotes from loyal customers.

“Their clothing wears really well. The clothes look quite new a year later, even after washing them a bunch of times.”

“The quality of the cotton is why I buy their stuff. It’s so soft. My son is always like ‘it’s soft I love it’.”

“City Threads offers comfortable but well-made, high-quality fabrics in styles that work for my
sons.” | City Threads



wings worldquest women of discovery

Four Extraordinary Women Explorers Will Receive Awards April 23 in New York

New York, NY, March 8, 2019 – In celebration of International Women’s Day, WINGS WorldQuest™, a nonprofit organization that supports and recognizes extraordinary women in science and exploration, today announced the four recipients of the 2019 Women of Discovery Awards. On April 23, the four women scientists and explorers will each present their research and discoveries at WINGS’ Annual Fellows Forum and be inducted as WINGS Fellows at a cocktail reception in New York City.

The WINGS WorldQuest Women of Discovery Awards were established in 2003 to recognize and support extraordinary women making significant contributions to world knowledge and science through exploration. Unique to this honor and organization is the $10,000 unrestricted grant awarded to each Fellow, to use as she sees fit to advance her research, career and expeditions. In just 16 years, WINGS has made significant strides in advancing women in science and exploration, inducting 84 pioneering women as Fellows and granting over $600,000.

“We are proud to provide a platform that not only advances women’s roles in science and exploration, but also shines a light on the important contributions of women in these fields – contributions that are too often under-recognized,” said Beth Nixon, Board of Directors Chair, WINGS WorldQuest. “The Women of Discovery Awards support scientists today and inspire the explorers of tomorrow.”

The Women of Discovery Awards is an engaging celebration, with lively presentations of the Awardees’ latest discoveries at the Fellows Forum, followed by an awards presentation. Tickets for the Women of Discovery Awards Fellows Forum and Reception can be purchased at

2019 Fellows and Women of Discovery Award Recipients

Mandë Holford’s laboratory investigates the power of venom to transform organisms and improve lives when it is adapted to create novel therapeutics for treating human diseases and disorders. She is as an Associate Professor in Chemistry at Hunter College and CUNY-Graduate Center, with scientific appointments at the American Museum of Natural History and Weill Cornell Medicine. Holford’s joint appointments reflect her interdisciplinary research, which ranges from mollusks to medicine, combining chemistry and biology to discover, characterize and deliver novel peptides from venomous marine snails as tools for manipulating cellular physiology in pain and cancer.

Krithi K. Karanth studies the impacts of wildlife tourism, voluntary resettlement, land-use change, conservation education and understanding human-wildlife interactions. She is Chief Conservation Scientist at the Centre for Wildlife Studies, Adjunct Faculty at Duke and National Centre for Biological Sciences and an Explorer with National Geographic Society. She has a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Policy from Duke, a M.E.Sc. from Yale, and B.S. and B.A. degrees from University of Florida. Karanth’s research in India spans 20 years and includes publication of more than 90 scientific and popular articles in English and Kannada.

Laly Lichtenfeld has dedicated her career to finding the balance for communities and nature. A nearly 20-year resident of Tanzania, Lichtenfeld co-founded African People & Wildlife in 2005 to help rural communities conserve and benefit from their wildlife and natural resources. Lichtenfeld specializes in wildlife conservation with a focus on lions and other big cats, community empowerment and engagement in natural resource management, and the development of conservation incentives for rural people. As a female CEO in East African conservation, Lichtenfeld is often one of few women at the senior leadership table, a responsibility she does not take lightly. In 2018, Lichtenfeld was invited to join the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority Research Advisory Committee.

Darlene Lim is a geobiologist based at the NASA Ames Research Center in California. Lim leads several NASA-funded research programs that are focused on blending field science research with the development of capabilities and concepts for future human spaceflight into deep space and Mars. She is the Principal Investigator of the NASA-funded SUBSEA, BASALT and Pavilion Lake research programs, and the Deputy PI of the NASA SSERVI FINESSE research program. Lim has served on a number of NASA Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group committees and was the MEPAG Goal IV (Prepare for Human Exploration) Co-Chair from 2009-2016.

About WINGS WorldQuest™

WINGS WorldQuest™ is a registered nonprofit organization founded in 2003 to recognize and support extraordinary women in science and exploration. It is the only organization of its kind, awarding unrestricted funding to women in scientific field endeavors. WINGS’ support knows no boundaries—women of all races, nationalities, ages, and cultures who show initiative, passion, and promise toward future scientific advancement have been granted funds that are often critical to seeing their ambitious ideas through. In return, they have become part of the WINGS community, and strengthen the organization’s mission to inspire the next generation of intrepid explorers and global problem-solvers through various outreach programs. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Yael Jekogian